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TwinComm provides consultation, installation and maintenance around internet connectivity and much more.

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Coverage Areas

TwinComm Communications offers high-speed internet services to Desolation Sound and its surrounding areas.

About Us

Within a supportive and environmentally conscious workplace, TwinComm provides reliable and affordable service to Desolation Sound and surrounding Islands through exceptional customer service.
TwinComm’s objective was to bring high-speed Internet access to remote and “off grid” communities at the entrance of Desolation Sound. Constantinos Tsakonas joined the company in 2003 as the General Manger/System Administrator when TwinComm had approximately 20 clients. Today, TwinComm services approximately 600 clients and has seven full time/part time employees. The broadband network has expanded to include clients from Cortes Island, west to Quadra Island, east to Lund, and as far south as Texada Island.
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Our Services

Wired and Wireless Internet Connectivity
Twincomm has an extensive wireless network connecting Vancouver Island to the mainland of BC....
Home/Business Networking for Wired or Wireless Networks
Twincomm is experienced at delivering internet services throughout your....
Satellite Internet through Xplornet
Too remote to receive Twincomm Internet Services? Twincomm's team are certified to install....
Web Cameras
If your providing security or just logging in remotely to check the view at your cabin, Twincomm can help you achieve....
Security Systems
Twincomm has developed custom security systems for remote clients. Contact us for how we can help you find the solution....