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Services We Offer

Twincomm provides consultation, installation of the following services:

1. Wired and Wireless Internet Connectivity
Twincomm has an extensive wireless network connecting Vancouver Island to the mainland of BC. The network spans multiple islands including Cortes Island, Quadra Island, Hernando Island, Savary Island, Texada Island, West Redonda Island, and the mainland in Bliss Landing, Galley Bay, and Lund BC. Twincomm also provides wired cable internet on Texada through a partnership with the Texada Community TV Association.
2. Home/Business Networking for Wired or Wireless Networks
Twincomm is experienced at delivering internet services throughout your home/business using a combination of Wired and Wireless solutions. Whether you would like to expand your wireless footprint at your Marina, or expand internet service to your cabin, Twincomm will deliver a customized solution for you.
3. Satellite Internet through Xplornet
Too remote to receive Twincomm Internet Services? Twincomm's team are certified to install satellite internet services through Xplornet. Working with an Xplornet dealer in Lund BC, Lund Automotive, Twincomm can help you get online with Xplornet Satellite Internet Services.
4. Web Cameras
If you're providing security or just logging in remotely to check the view at your cabin, Twincomm can help you achieve your web camera goals. We have installed multiple cameras all over desolation sound for site monitoring, security, and pleasure.
5. Security Systems
Twincomm has developed custom security systems for remote clients. We can help you find the solution you are looking for.

Standard Installation

A standard installation of radio equipment, including cabling and termination to one computer or router, costs $300 plus tax.

Monthly Service Plans

Service Plans 2017 PDF

Service Plans subject to $2 per GB for overages. Accounts paid by cheque will be subject to a $20 charge for NSF. Delinquent accounts that are disconnected due to non-payment are subject to a $40 reconnect fee.