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We know you’ve probably got some questions about how things work. We hope to answer most of them in this section, but if not, just give us a call. 1-866-446-6004 or use our contact form.

1. I’m having a problem with my internet, what do I do?
1. Unplug the power from your Twincomm Dish by unplugging the POE (little black or possibly white box located inside your home).

2. Unplug the power from your router.

3. Wait 30 seconds.

4. Plug both units back in.

5. Wait 3 minutes and try your internet again.

If that doesn’t fix the issue please contact technical support right away at 866-446-6004 ext 0.
2. What speeds do you provide?
All our plans come with a minimum of 5Mbps but typically you'll get much more than this, please check out our Services page to check out the maximum speeds for each plan.
3. Will I be able to stream video on your service?
4. Will skype or other VOIP services work?
Yes, although it is not something we guarantee as VOIP is unreliable even on the fastest internet connections.
5. Where is your service available?
Please see our Map of Service Area.
6. What is the cost of getting setup with internet service?
$300 Installation Fee for our wireless services.
S100 for our Cable service in Van Anda on Texada Island.
7. What is involved in the installation of the wireless radio system?
Installation consists of mounting a Wireless Dish on the outside of the customer's home. The Dish is aligned and configured to receive signal from one of Twincomm's repeater stations. An ethernet cable connects the Wireless Dish to a Power Supply (POE) near the customer's computer. The customer's computer can plug directly into the Power Supply or if you require wireless we can provided a router for an additional fee.
8. What are the monthly costs?
Please see Services for our rates and plans.
9. How much data?
Estimated usage for common downloading and streaming activities:

A high-resolution photograph - 2 MB

A 4 minute 360P standard definition YouTube video - 15 MB

1 Hour of Netflix at default settings - 3 GB

1 Hour of Netflix at Medium Quality - 700 MB

Note: these are averages and provided here only as estimates.

1 GB = 1024 MB
10. Twincomm Email Setup Instruction:
iPhone or iPad:

1. Open Settings

2. Click Mail, Contacts, Calenders

3. Click Add Account

4. Click Google

5. Enter your Name, your full email address (e.g. , and password. Done!


(if you see a prompt to add an account when you open Apple Mail, skip to step 5:)

1. Open the Mail app on your computer

2. Select the Mail menu at the top, and then Preferences

3. Open the Accounts section

4. Click the + button in the bottom corner

5. Choose Google

6. Type your name

7. Type your full email address (e.g.

8. Type your password

9. Click Set up. Make sure Mail is selected and click. Done!
11. Can I reduce the amount of data Netflix is using?
Quite likely!

1. Visit

2. Enter your login to Netflix if requested.

3. Choose between Medium or Low under Data Usage per Screen , for each profile under your account

12. How can I view how much data I have used?

1. Visit

2. You may be requested for an email and password. If you've been given this info please enter it here. Otherwise visit our Usage page and request your login credentials.

3. Once you'd reached the portal, click on Services to view usage graphs and see when your plan's data renews.

12. How do I activate a new credit card in Plastiq for Twincomm Auto Pay?
To update your credit card information, please log into your Plastiq account at and enter your new credit card number.

To activate your new card for AutoPay, please follow the instructions below:

  • 1. Within your Plastiq profile, on the top bar, right hand side, you will see a tab called "Manage"

  • 2. Hover over "Manage", and a pop down list will appear with "Manage Recipients"

  • 3. Select Manage Recipients. A page will come up with a "list of recipients to review and edit"

  • 4. Please select Twincomm (a blue dot will appear beside Twincomm, if not already there)

  • 5. Proceed with the "edit recipient" tab on the bottom right.

  • 6. On this page you will see "Review or Edit the information provided for Twincomm"

  • 7. Scroll down to Enrollments, AutoPay and you will see "Edit" in blue - select "Edit"

  • 8. Here you will see your old card information - select "Change" in blue

  • 9.At this point you will see your old credit card under "Currently Using" and your new card will appear above.

  • 10. Select your new card and it will now appear as your "currently using" card

  • 11. Click close on the right hand side

  • Your new credit card will now be activated for AutoPay and we will continue to process your payment monthly.



Twincomm offers high-speed Internet services to Desolation Sound and surrounding areas.

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