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The Company

Twincomm provides reliable and affordable internet service to Desolation Sound and surrounding Islands through exceptional customer service.

Twincomm was formed early in 2001 by Mark Torrance. Twincomm’s objective was to bring high-speed Internet access to remote and “off grid” communities at the entrance of Desolation Sound. Constantinos Tsakonas joined the company in 2003 as the General Manger/System Administrator when Twincomm had approximately 20 clients. Today, Twincomm services approximately 600 clients with 4 full time/part time employees and 3 casual. The broadband network has expanded to include clients from Cortes Island, west to Quadra Island, east to Lund, and as far south as Texada Island.


The substantial growth of Twincomm in the past thirteen years has occurred while addressing the challenges associated with the changing nature of the Internet service provider industry. The key to success has been the awareness of Twincomm staff of the environment in which the company operates. Community needs, government direction, competitive pressures, and operational practicalities are assessed continually to ensure Twincomm continues to deliver competitive Internet services.

Supporting our Community

In addition to providing internet we support local organizations, here are some that we have donated to past and present.

  • Discovery Island Chamber of Commerce

  • Carihi School

  • Cortes Ambulance

  • Cortes Island Museum

  • Cortes Fire Department

  • Cortes Community Forest

  • Cortes and Quadra International Women’s Day

  • Cortes Island School

  • Cortes Island Tourism and Business

  • Cortes Community Radio Association

  • Children’s Forest Trust

  • Dodgeball for Autism

  • Friends of Cortes Island

  • Power of Hope

  • Texada Community TV Association

  • Royal Canadian Legion Branch 232 - Texada

  • Discovery Island Chamber of Commerce

The Staff


Constantinos Tsakonas

Constantinos, also known as Dino, has been with Twincomm since 2003 after graduating from the Information Technology and Applied Systems program at Vancouver Island University. Twincomm was in its infancy and faced many challenges in delivering service to Desolation Sound. As General Manger/System Administrator for Twincomm he grew the company's footprint and customer base to what it is today. Constantinos grew up on the west coast in Prince Rupert, BC and started his first career in the forestry industry. In 1999 with his young family he moved south to attend University and transition into the Information Technology sector. In his free time he likes to play soccer, volleyball, hike, fish, and enjoy the many things the west coast has to offer. He also expresses himself through music and is the singer for Back Eddy & The Procrastinators, a Ska band on Cortes Island.

Om Beach

Om is a Network Administrator and Customer Support Technician for Twincomm. He grew up on Cortes Island and in grade 10 left school to start his own local computer repair business. Through his success in the community and enthusiasm for technology he was offered a position with Twincomm. He is a cheerful guy with a love of people and the world around him. During his free time, Om enjoys pursuing various interests such as flying, mechanics, and jumping in the local lake on hot summer days. Since he was 19 he has been restoring a 1967 VW Beetle, and recently acquired his Ultralight Pilots license. Particularly passionate about solving problems, he hopes to further his knowledge in business and technology while helping people along the way.

Colleen Dragseth

Colleen takes care of customer accounts and office administration, and has been working for Twincomm since 2005. Working from the Twincomm home office has given Colleen the opportunity to watch her teenage children grow-up, while providing the experience for growth in the office environment. Office support is provided by Colleen and Dino's children Kiera and Aidan and her mom, Debbie. In her free time, she enjoys running & hiking in the woods, reading, gardening, adventures of all kinds and spending time with her family and friends.

Susanna Bonner

Susanna is known to many on Cortes for her work with the (late) Cortes Wifi Society and with Cortes Literacy Now, helping anyone who needed or wanted a computer tutorial on (almost) anything software related. Now that she's not on Cortes anymore, she still enjoys working remotely for TwinComm, getting to hear the voices of folks she knows when they call in for TwinComm tech support. She can often be found petting a nearby cat or working on some odd craft project.

Shaun Porter

Shaun is a Wi-Fi Technician and Twincomm’s newest employee. He grew up in the Yukon and recently moved to Quadra Island after graduating from UBC. Following 6 years of post-secondary education Shaun is happy for the change of pace and to have work outdoors. One of his favorite aspects of the job is meeting all of the wonderful people in and around the Discovery Islands. During his free time, Shaun enjoys baking, reading and exploring Quadra Island with his wife and German Shepherd by hiking, kayaking, and boating.

Lee Whittle

Lee has recently retired from Twincomm, we wish him all the best in his future life journeys!

After making his way to BC with the Navy, Lee was trained in RF communications in Victoria. Once civilian life came into focus, he went to college in Terrace BC. Here he picked up electronics and telecommunications courses. A twelve year adventure in Fort St. John found him tending to mountain top repeater sites, radio links and tower climbing. Vancouver Island became his family’s home in 1989 and he found himself in telecommunications with Quinsam Radio for another 12 year period. The ever shifting tide of communications swept Lee back into college for two more years at the age of 51 picking up computer and networking skills encompassing A+, Net+, MCP and MCSA certifications. Presently Lee has been working for Twincomm since 2005 and is enjoying the WIFI work in the Desolation Sound. Personal activities include wood working, mechanics, attending to his grand kiddies and developing custom circuitry.